Safety is a big issue with Spinfuel. This piece was written to advise our readers on the correct way to handle batteries when vaping, and how the ohms of the coils can play a part in safe vaping.

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Smokenjoey has been recording vape related videos since 2012. An expert in every way, his videos are informative, entertaining, and easy to understand.

A guest contributor can offer an original piece for publication in Spinfuel. It must be on-topic, timely, and professionally written.

Hoe best to get to know the people behind the eliquids you pay for then to read a hard hitting interview from a Spinfuel writer. Because our allegiance is to our readers and only our readers, these interviews get to the heart of brand owner. If you can’t trust the owner how can you trust the eliquid?

When a vaping instrument cannot be identified as a box mod, tube mod, atomizer, tank, or clearomizers, we place the reviews in the ‘other’ category. Products in this category have a much smaller segment of the market, and are often superfluous to actual ‘vaping’.

Although it is generally accepted that all vaporizers with atomizers is called e-cigarettes, or Electronic Cigarettes, Spinfuel refuses to accept that term to describe the non-tobacco product instrument that vaporizes eliquid into vapor. In this category, an ecigarette are the simple mini-battery with a cartomizer.

The atomizer is sometimes called tanks, clearomizer, glassomizer, and even cartomizers. Plainly put, an atomizer is all those things; an atomizer contains some sort of container for eliquid, coils that accept power from the vaping instrument, and in turn heats to the point where the eliquid inside is vaporized and inhaled. An integral part of the vaping experiences, without an atomizer, vaping couldn’t work.

Modern vaping instruments are mostly box shaped, hence, the term Box Mod. This category assembles all the box mod reviews written by our stable of professional writers and vapers. Though the box mod might come in many forms, the one thing they all have in common is an overall boxy shape.